October 12, 2021

2022-02-18 | 18:22:06

"Solid food, very authentic food at this location surprised to find such a great flavor and taste here in Alaska. Definitely recommend will be back again. Love the naan!"
October 10, 2021

2022-02-18 | 18:22:08

September 29, 2021

2022-02-18 | 18:22:10

"Chicken Tikka Masala and Garlic Naan with bismati rice. Absolutely beautiful. One of the best Tikka Masalas I've ever had. And King St. Brewery IPA on tap. I won't forget this meal anytime soon. A little expensive. An unfortunate reality for the modern restaurant."
September 14, 2021

2022-02-18 | 18:22:12

"I have been coming here with my family for nearly 15 years. My parents have lived and traveled all over the world, resulting in a high standard in the food department. This place is truly wonderful, it tastes AMAZING. And you have to get naan. If you don’t get naan you aren’t living life. We get the Lamb Saag and usually a chicken curry or something similar. This restaurant is a must try."
September 11, 2021

2022-02-18 | 18:22:14

"Good food. Went twice. Friendly and quick service."
September 10, 2021

2022-02-18 | 18:22:16